Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Issue

Below is the May issue of the UAM!
We've had a great year, thanks to the talented students of University High School!
Thanks to our regular contributors- Jack, Sposey, Brittany, Lillian, Dana, Victoria, Andrew. Our senior contributor- Ashley- has contributed numerous great writing pieces over the years to the magazine and we wish her luck on her future endeavors! Kelsey, who is also leaving us this year, has contributed some of her fiction writing and we wish her luck as she continues life in a new state. Thanks again everyone, and we'll see you guys next year, so be sure to write, paint, sketch, photograph, draw & just express yourselves over the summer. We'll see you next year :)

~The UAM
(Dana Sofié & Victoria K)

Flower Haiku by Victoria Kreyden

Light fragile tissue,
Brightly colored life pulsing-
Where fat insects gorge. 


I miss you. I miss everything that we used to be. How we used to tell each other everything. I miss how we used to have each other’s back through thick and thin.

Blue Jeans by Kelsey Myers

Kayla itched at her woolen skirt, necessary but obnoxious. It was the only one she had that went halfway down her calves and kept her warm in the chill of late February. Dad turned off the ignition and all three sat for a moment, as if they could prevent the incipient catastrophe.

Prints by Kelsey Myers

“Roger L. Beeson of Hartford, Connecticut suffered a stroke on May 26, 2011, at age 53 in his office. Beeson is survived by his sister, Shannon, and nephew, Mitchell.”


She hides herself
Behind who people
Want her to be

If You've Got it Part 1 by Kelsey Myers

Dust covered the pictures in the room. The corners of their cheap plastic frames had cracked, and some of them hung crooked on the nails. Underneath the glass were photos from the fairy-tale lands of New York City, Paris, and Moscow. Most of them had been printed in black and white, featuring a graceful brunette in rhinestones and starched tulle. In the colored snapshots, she smiled in black leotards, arms around Alessandra Ferri or Mikhail Baryshnikov.

If You've Got it Part 2 by Kelsey Myers

Kayla changed in the single stall of the bathroom after class. She stripped off her tights and leotard, pulled the elastic and bobby pins out of her hair, and screwed in a second pair of earrings. She wore a faded concert t-shirt, torn up jeans, and six gaudy silver rings. Home-dyed violet and magenta streaks were braided into her thin black hair, which fell to her waist.

11:11 by Ashley Kulak

I wished on 11:11.  “The simplest thing you can do is act.”  That was my fortune.

Writing by Dominique Lewis

With a white tee and light blue jeans he stood on the sidewalk. He stood at about 6’3’’. He had perfect olive skin and short black hair. He stood on the sidewalk looking, like he was looking for someone or something. It was night out and the street light above him flickered annoyingly. The sidewalk on which he was standing was across from a park.

126 by Dana Sofié

The sun went down
Making the room rise up in golden patches of light.
The notes were laid out like fields all around us,
Dust falling slowly.
“We have time,” he said.

Gentle tones in his voice lifted me up like wings,
Like cumulus clouds stuffed in layers upon themselves,
Sitting sweetly in the sky.

We could look out far beyond the room,
Past saffron sunbeams,
To acres and acres of earth
And we began to dream again.

Andrew Day ~ Ally Pockrass

Citizen Cope ~ Ally Pockrass

Bob Marley ~ Ally Pockrass

Monday, June 6, 2011

Glassblowing by Andrew Lupton

 My collection features four pieces: there are two paperweights, a glass bulb (similar to a light bulb), and a cup. The cup is made of clear glass and along the sides you may notice that there are two bands of clear glass surrounding the piece. This was made by holding and turning the piece while touching hot glass to the already formed cup, creating the effect of draping bands. This effect was also used on the blue paperweight which has chunks of color rolled into it. To make the yellow and brown paperweight, I rolled color onto the glass and then put another layer of clear and colored glass on top. By using this technique, I was able to give the piece its depth. The glass bulb was originally a hot liquid mass which I rolled color onto and blew out into a spherical shape. After the sphere had cooled, I molded some glass on top of the piece in a different spot to form the ring. I hope you enjoy this month's collection!

Glasswork & Writing: Andrew Lupton
Photography: Jack Sampson

Mouse ~ Sposey

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Issue

Springtime! Here's the latest issue of the UAM.
We have new work by Brittany, Sposey, Izzy Litwack, Jack, Lillian, Dana Sofié, & some amazing new glassblowing work by Andrew!
Check out new writing by Ashley, & enjoy!

``` The UAM ```

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There's a Snake Hissing at the Door by Ashley Kulak

There’s a snake hissing at the back door.  You can hear him slither his way through, slipping his way into your house.  Denying his presence is the first step, you know. 

Glassblowing by Andrew Lupton

This collection for April features several different pieces of work. The two clear class bowls were made by rolling and shaping the glass. To make the red and orange papar weight, I molded the glass into a tower shape. One of these pieces is a cylinder with a blue swirl rolled in, creating bands of blue color. The purple and clear piece is molded after an authentic roman oil lamp with a handle an a spout for the wick. Enjoy!

Kakashka ~ Brittany Fukushima

Scheisse ~ Brittany Fukushima

backalley ~ Dana Sofié

New ~ Jack Sampson

Aging ~ Jack Sampson

Eclipse ~ Jack Sampson

Ice Dragon ~ Lillian Egloff

Mountain Dragon ~ Lillian Egloff

Zoo ~ Sposey

Grasses ~ Izzy Litwack

Spring ~ Izzy Litwack